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HiFalcony strives to create an ecosystem that encompasses your best needs & benefits in the MENA & EU region!

OurCareer Platform focuses on connecting job seekers with highly valued and personalized job & freelance opportunities.
We understand the importance of finding the right fit for your skills and aspirations. Through our career platform, you can explore a wide range of exclusive & high demands job openings across industries in the MENA region. We prioritize your success by providing guidance, navigation, and building relationships with job offers that align with your career goals in few steps.
OurAcademy Platform offers a diverse range of courses and training programs designed to enhance your skills and knowledge.
We believe in equipping our members with the necessary skills and knowledge to be eligible for desired job vacancies or business opportunities. By guaranteeing quality and competency, we contribute to your professional growth and success. By providing access to high-quality training and educational materials, we ensure that both recruiters and employees benefit from a guarantee of quality and competency.
Navigating smoothly the process ofSetting Up a Businessin one of the MENA & EU region.
HiFalcony provides comprehensive support and guidance to entrepreneurs and businesses. From company registration to obtaining licenses and permits, we simplify the process, ensuring a smooth and successful business setup. With all the guidance you need for you full integration to expand your business, we offer also other services, with various expertise in collaboration with various partners, from administrative and legal know-how. From sharing network until connecting with potential partners. Incl. IT and digital marketing services.
Moving to a new country can be an exciting yet challenging experience. OurLegal Expat Assitancesupport and guides you through it.
Sit back and let us handle the details! In this step, our team takes care of all the arrangements required your legal nees. We provide valuable information and resources to help you adapt to a new culture, understand legal requirements, and address any challenges that may arise. Our goal is to ensure that your transition and stay are comfortable and supported. Ensuring that you our members adapt seamlessly to the new surroundings.
Still wondering why you shouldbecome a member?Get ready to know more about theadvantages
• Including proper housing and settlement agreements • Covered transport costs • Receive personal career assistance. • Benefit from a low-income tax environment of up to 0% in the GCC. • Building a trustful relationship with HiFalcony • Safeguard your demands, conditions, personal information, and confidentiality. • Receive updated Job Alerts: No more missing out of top exclusive job openings & freelance opportunities • Receive guidance in navigating immigration procedures. • Earn referral bonuses and renewals by affiliating your network. • Updated with new law & regulations of the region. An much more

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